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Event assistent

Robot behavior description

Imagine dedicated volunteers communicating with your event visitors and providing informational support on common questions like agenda, event map, wifi password etc. This is the exact model of autonomous behavior of our Event Robot. In addition to informational support, our robots can match visitors, organize their meetings and contacts sharing.

So what Event Robot can do?

  • Detect visitor and start talk
  • Propose informational menu about event, agenda, venue map and participants
  • Propose perspective lead; for example robot can propose to statrtup entrepreneur to meet some investor
  • Start wandering when no active communications during defined period of time
  • Interview a visitor to collect feedback about the event
  • Schedule connection reminder
  • Recognize important person like government representative or popular video blogger expected to visit the Event and greet them (will be available soon)
  • Collect surveys (will be available soon)


"Content is the King" and providing quality information is the key for Event Robot.

If you are organizer of an event - you can use ELFIX Cloud to create and modify:

  • An event map
  • Event agenda
  • Upload promo videos
  • Sponsors corner
  • Choose templates for information presentation on the robot screen
  • Upload photos of person to be recognized (will be available soon)
  • Create survey questionnaires (will be available soon)

Event robot will automatically receive
all this content and use in his informational menus during communication with visitors.

After Event

During the event robot is collecting various important data and metrics. For example you as event organizer can check the following data:

  • Touch UI click frequencies
  • Popularity chart by clicks on event visitor profiles
  • Collected video interviews
  • Collected survey data
  • Matches proposed
  • Connection reminders

All this data will be persisted at ELFIX Cloud and can be viewed after even finished